Logframe Consulting Office

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Our philosophy is to provide full scale service for our partners –  far more than writing the grant proposals. We take part of the development and preparing part of the projects as well and we like to think together with our partners when it comes to planning and elaborating the developments.

More than 15 years of experience in this field helps us manage projects. Even when unexpected twists and obstacles occur we are able to give advice and solve those problems.

The basis of our philosophy is – as indicated in our company name – the Logical Framework a.k.a. the Logframe. This model was widely used in the era of PHARE pre-accession programs. In all of our projects we are pursuing to synchronize project elements in time and content-wise as well. We are always keeping in mind the short- and long-term goals of grant programs and strategies. It is vital for the success of a grant proposal, as the grant providers are looking for those goals to be realized the highest level possible. We are here to harmonize these goals with those of our partners.