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Should you need any further information about grants, our company or our services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our colleagues, or send us a message by filling in the form below after which our colleague will contact you!

Logframe Consulting Office
  • Residence: 8095 Pákozd, Árpád utca 16.
  • Office, mail address: 7621 Pécs, Anna utca 25. Ground floor, 1.
  • e-mail: logframe@logframe.hu
  • tel: +36-30-447-8400
  • fax: +36-72-998-228

company manAger

Éva Szilágyi 
MSc in Corporate Finance, teacher
tel: +36-30-447-8400
e-mail: szilagyi@logframe.hu

managing director
expert of regional development

György Márton 
MSc in Finance, EU expert
tel: +36-30-491-8960
e-mail: marton@logframe.hu

expert of international development

Zoltán Pámer
MSc in Economics, EU expert
tel: +36-30-664-4894
e-mail: pamer@logframe.hu

Szilvia Szabó
MSc in Finance, certified accountant
tel: +36-30-642-1971
e-mail: szabo@logframe.hu

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