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 project planning

According to our philosophy we take an active role in the preparation of projects. Putting sufficient amount of time and effort in planning is vital for creating a truly successful project. Besides the elaboration of grant proposals we think together cooperatively with our partners during the preparation stage making suggestions on the elaboration of the project in order to make the implementation free from obstacles.

During project planning we make suggestions on the following elements:

  • detailing the elements, the content of the project: based on our former experiences we suggest further elements that can make the project more appealing, more sustainable and higher quality- increasing the chance of winning;

  • creating management structure for the project: dividing tasks and responsibilities of the preparation and implementation of the project in a way that makes work most efficient;

  • finances of the project: we are putting key focus on the financial planning of projects especially on cash flow planning as this has a big role when it comes to the implementation.