5 heat pump units. That in itself is not that interesting.
Well, these high-average efficiency Vaporline waste heat-water system heat pumps developed and manufactured by the Hungarian company Geowatt will heat a total of 5 public buildings in Nagyatád starting this autumn, 1 building each. The largest equipment on the right side of the picture alone will be able to supply the entire heating energy needs of the Nagyatád Spa, and in addition, taking into account the area of the bath that will be increased by the planned extension of the bath in the future.
And what will supply the energy for the heat pump heating of the 5 buildings? The energy of the spa’s runoff thermal water – which until now has flowed into the Rinya stream without being used. And to make the picture complete: the electricity needs of the heat pumps will be covered by the solar systems installed on the buildings.
Thus, starting this fall, the heating of the 5 public buildings in Nagytád will be covered almost exclusively by renewable energy sources, so that electricity consumption will not increase significantly.
We are very proud of this system, if it is implemented, a unique complex renewable energy system in Hungary will be created in Nagyatád.