It follows from the philosophy of our company that we take an active role in the preparation of projects, as it is essential for the success of the project that we devote an adequate amount of time and energy to project planning. In addition to the classic application development, we try to think together with our partners in the preparation process, we make suggestions for the development of the project in order to make the feasibility of the projects smooth.

Our suggestions cover the following elements of project development:

  • detailing project content elements: based on previous project experience, proposing content elements that can make the project richer, more sustainable and of higher quality;
  •  project finances: we place special emphasis on the financial planning of projects, especially cash flow planning, as accurate planning of cash flows is key to the feasibility of grant projects.


Our company’s activities also include the development of European Union and domestic tenders – for both municipal, civil and corporate clients.

Our application development service also includes a free application eligibility test for our clients. As part of this, we will carry out the first round of the application organization’s eligibility examination on the basis of the eligibility and professional conditions of the announced applications, which will provide an answer as to whether it is worthwhile to be involved in the application development process.


In most cases, our company undertakes to provide a full range of services during project development. Project management is an integral part of this – so with the agreement of our partners, we perform not only project planning, but also project management tasks.

We believe that project management is a key element of successful project implementation. The failure of many projects is caused by the unprofessional performance of the administrative and financial management tasks associated with project implementation.


During the operation of our company, he was commissioned to tender crisis management many times, so we took a decisive role in the implementation of several seemingly hopeless projects. Unfortunately, in many cases, we find that project managers do not pay enough attention to the management of the winning projects, and that the consulting firms originally commissioned do not provide the right amount and quality of resources for this purpose.

In most cases, these projects were doomed to almost certain failure. Our task was to unravel the threads of these projects, propose a solution and steer the project into the right channel. With hard work, perseverance and the utmost emphasis on the client’s interests, these projects have succeeded in all cases, so that the client suffers as little damage as possible due to shortcomings in the implementation of the project.